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Living Life God’s Way

It was a while ago that I sank to rock bottom.  Everything I had a hand in was a mess, my marriage, my business, and my children’s lives.  For years my husband had been blaming his drinking on something I said or did, and I had absorbed all that into in-those-darken-moments-it-was-then-that-i-held-you-close-and-carried-youmy identity as I scrambled to fix what I had done or said wrong.

I was at a point where I could not fix anything, and everything seemed to be crumbling around me.  Since I was worthless as a wife, business owner, and mother, why keep living?  I had resolved to kill myself, and was in the process of determining how I would do so.

One morning, my last morning I was hoping, I was in the laundry room putting wash into the dryer.  As I was doing so, I was deep in thought, mulling over my choices, when a thought broke through my concentration, “What will happen to your three young boys?”

Well that stopped me in my tracks.  Where did that thought come from?  Even as I wondered, I knew without a doubt it was from somewhere outside myself.  In micro seconds many thoughts ran through my mind, but the end of it was this question, “Could that have been God?”

I screamed into the silence, “If you are real God, I need you.  I don’t know how to live one more day!”  I collapsed in tears.  And then, I felt a warmth lift me to my feet, and I knew, really knew, God was not only real, but He had heard me.

And help me He did.  It would be too long of a story to tell you all the amazing people He put in my life, who guided me in my infant faith, but there were many.  I am eternally grateful for each and everyone of them.

Fast forwardhebr1022c to today, I am now leading a woman’s Bible study helping others in their faith walk, and I blog.  I have two blog sites, this one, and  Here at After Emmanuel I write about Christ seeking, following, and living.  Jesus came, taught, died, and rose again all to give us an opportunity to know God and God’s will.  I am continually studying the Bible, and seeking the Holy Spirit to open my mind and heart to understanding more and more about how I, as a Christian, can best live my life to reflect that.

This is the journey you will read about if you follow my blogs.  It is a journey that I hope you will interact with, sharing your own spiritual growth as God leads you.  In sharing we can all grow more in our own faith.

Therefore, welcome, my new friend.  I look forward to growing with you and along side you.






I love to think about God and the amazing love he has poured out on his people. I love to spend time with God and with God's word. God has proven faithful to his promises throughout history, and in my life. I long to serve him out of my gratitude and thankfulness. Most Holy God, guide my thoughts, use my words, and bless all those who read these posts. Amen

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